Human sex trafficking at Beaverton club

Beaverton club questioned over human sex traffickingpolice-car
By Faith News Note:

Two men were arrested at a Beaverton strip club for human trafficking. The two men were charged with various offenses including rape, sodomy & giving drugs to minors. The two suspects for being forced into prostitution are both 13-year old girls. The Beaverton strip club, Stars Cabaret, denies any connection to the crime of the two men at the center of the investigation. Although one of the men charged is a manager for the Stars Cabaret in Tualatin. The club owner states that he has worked to prevent human trafficking in Oregon including working alongside local law enforcement to prevent such occurrences.

Portland State University recently reported findings of teh human trafficking problem in Portland Their estimates places at least 469 children in the Portland area were victims of commercial sex worker schemes during the past few years. Much of these crimes are related to gang activity.

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