Beaverton Forum: Hindu, Atheist & Christian

By Evergreen Presbyterian,

A Beaverton Religion Forum Discussion: A Hindu, Atheist, and Christian Answer

On Sunday, January 26 at 5:00 p.m. Evergreen is hosting a Discussion: “How is Your Religious Community Good for the World?” Our three presenters will each take three minutes to answer the question. Ramesh Krishnamurthy will offer a Hindu answer. Bernie Dehler will answer from the Atheist perspective, and Nathan Lewis will provide a Christian response.

Probably everybody believes that they should do something good for the world. But what do they consider to be a “good” work? Is propagating our own belief system a “good work” (examples such as Billy Graham and Richard Dawkins); or is “good works” only those things that help people physically (such as feeding the hungry)? And what is our motivation to do good works? By comparing and contrasting the viewpoints from others of different belief systems, it may help us to understand our own belief system better. For this discussion, we hear the views of a Christian, Hindu, and an atheist. The structure of the program is designed to facilitate discussion among the panel members and also include an intensive audience Q&A time.

Join us for pizza and drinks at 5:00 p.m. followed by the discussion.
This is a great way to meet neighbors and to develop relationships beyond our particular communities of faith. Enrich our discussion with your opinions, views and convictions.

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