Sex, Lies & Recovery

from Multnomah University News

I can still hear Dr. Pamela Reeve’s words: “You have a serious issue. You’ll need to stay out of ministry for at least a year.” These were not the words I wanted to hear when I was four months from graduating from Multnomah Biblical Seminary with my MDiv. I had been grappling with sexual sin for almost two decades, and I had just confessed it all to Dr. Reeve. Now, more than 14 years later, God has turned my story into one of sexual redemption and hope.

I want to personally invite you to a very unique chapel series on sexuality. Multnomah University students understand what God’s Word says about the behavioral aspects of sexual sin. But many Christian leaders don’t understand the impact of their own sexuality deeply and practically. If this is true, then how are they able to shepherd others struggling with sexual brokenness?

I have found that pastors are rarely equipped to walk with people on the long journey out of sexual addiction issues. This is one of the reasons God has called me to lead Pure Life Alliance. We are an intra-church organization that helps people wrestling with sexual sin. We partner with churches in the Portland area by equipping their men and women to lead groups focused on issues of purity.

You might think, “I don’t have an issue with sex. Why should I go to this chapel series?” Let me be clear: For every person who sins sexually, there are others that must deal with the ripple effect of that sin. Do you know how to help someone dealing with sexual brokenness? My guess is that you know what the Bible says about sexual sin, but you don’t know how to walk arm in arm with those dealing with it on a daily basis. Your attendance at these chapels may not be about you — it may be about those you’re called to help in the years to come.

Then again, these chapels might be just the opportunity God’s providing you to escape your years of secret, sexual sin. Are you willing to take the risk of missing your chance to be free?

Wherever you are in you journey, join us next week, and see what God has for you.

Blake and his wife Melissa will speak Monday, January 27, and Tuesday, January 28. Jesse Duckett, an MU student, and his wife Liz will share their stories on Thursday, January 30.

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