Noah Film: Why I walked out

noahbadNoah Film: Why I walked out
By Guest Opinion

Imagine a new Hollywood movie on the Civil War where Abraham Lincoln is casted as the enemy who never speaks but conveys terror with his inhumane actions.  Imagine abolitionists are portrayed as evil and the Southern slave owners portrayed as humble merciful good men who save America.

If you saw such a movie you would howl in protest. Then why would you put up with Noah which perverts history and defames the noble while elevating the undeserving. In the movie Noah God never says a word and comes across as a judgment obsessed deity. Noah is portrayed as a heartless and  acting like a mad abortionist willing to kill newborns in order to permanently end the human race as we know it. Because God is uncaring and uninvolved, the film describes how thoughtful angels tried to help mankind.   This act of angelic kindness upset God enough that He cursed those helpful angels. God is so muted in this film, that the characters get their inspiration from potions, spells and magic beans! The earth is  neglected by God and abused by humans so one of the few positive brights pots on creation is a helpful video montage showing evolution.  Among the moral points depicted in the film are the evils eating meat and picking flowers (no joke). All of this has been justified in the media by the buzzwords “artistic license” when all it really is “artistic licentious”.  That’s why I walked out after two hours of this madness.

The film director excused his wild characterizations because the Genesis account is too short and lacking details. I suppose three scriptural references to Noah’s perfectly good character was not enough detail so screenwriters trashed what they knew and started from scratch by creating a new Noah as a human-hating man with a murderous vengeance spirit.  I suppose Jewish historians’ record of 3,000 years of God speaking vocally to His people (including detailed dialogue with Noah) was not enough for scriptwriters so they reinvented a new God who is painfully silent. I think God has done enough to deserve a better story. Instead we have been served a poisoning of the people and values we hold dear.

In ancient times of the Isrealites, the gods of their neighbors represented the worst of humanity. The Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Babylonian and Mesopotamian gods lied, cheated, stole, slept, got drunk and committed adultery with each other. The God of Israel stood out for His goodness, fairness, high ethical codes, inability to be moved by natural events, compassion for slaves, prisoners, strangers and aliens. Modern Hollywood does not produce much high moral tales anymore because they reflect the culture of low standards and thin morality around them. How many films show heroes born from good parents versus motivated by vengeance over their parents death? The faithful have become the Israelites all over again surrounded by a shallow culture. The movie Noah is a terrible intrusion of the world’s ugly values into our own inspirational story by way of rewriting our stories to fit their demeaning narrative.

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