Faith film stars Clint Eastwood’s son

By Heidi McDow,

Clint Eastwood’s son and rising Hollywood star Scott Eastwood (“Gran Torino,” “Flags of Our Fathers”), Rachel Hendrix (“October Baby”) and Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels”), star in the Christian film, “The Perfect Wave,” which is set to open in select theatres on July 11. “The Perfect Wave” follows the true story of Ian McCormack, who grew up surfing the waters of New Zealand.

The film, which was shot on location in South Africa, Australia, Bali, Mauritius and New Zealand, opened in South Africa earlier this year and is already receiving positive reactions from U.S. audiences.

“The Perfect Wave’ is a strong witness to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ,” said Jim Young of Crossroads Church UMC in Jacksonville, Florida. “It is excellent for youth groups, college and career, as well as the whole family.”

In “The Perfect Wave,” Ian (played by Eastwood), yearning for adventure, sets out on a journey with his best friend to surf some of the most famous and challenging destinations throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa in search of the mythical “perfect wave.”

During his adventure, Ian falls in love with a beautiful, free-spirited girl, Annabelle (portrayed by Hendrix). Ian’s pursuit of her leads him to the African island of Mauritius, where his life is forever changed by an encounter with a school of box jellyfish during a fateful evening swim. Infamous for venom so deadly that a single sting can kill a man, Ian is stung multiple times, and pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

Following a divine post-mortem encounter, Ian miraculously awakens with a transformed understanding of life and a chance to begin anew.

“I’m very inspired by this film. There is a terrific spirit of adventure and an important reminder that you just have to trust God and go for it. Not to mention the film captures the beauty of some of the best surf spots in the world,” said Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California.

“The Perfect Wave” has been described by Director Bruce Macdonald as a “love story with four pillars:” a mother’s love, a young man’s love for surfing, first love, and most importantly, God’s love. He added, “This film shares the amazing story of God’s plan for Ian’s life and reminds viewers that no matter how far you run, you can never outrun God’s love.”

The film was directed by Macdonald, an internationally renowned commercial director, and was produced by seven-time Emmy-winning U.S. Producer S. Bryan Hickox.

“I have been blessed to share my story throughout the world,” said Ian. “The release of this film in South Africa and now America provides a vehicle to help spread God’s message of never failing love to an even broader audience.”

“The Perfect Wave” is scheduled to open with a limited release in Jacksonville, Florida; Los Angeles/Orange, California; Washington, D.C.; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Campbellsville, Kentucky; Elizabethtown, Kentucky; London, Kentucky; Frankfort, Kentucky; Orlando, Florida; and Bismarck, North Dakota. Additional markets are expected to be added in July.

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DIVINE INSPIRATION, a production company founded in June 2010, produced “The Perfect Wave” in 2014 in partnership with Innovation Films and Billabong. “The Perfect Wave” Executive Producer David Selvan, Producer/Director Bruce Macdonald and South African Producer Craig Jones serve as directors for Divine Inspiration.

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