Vote fails over anti-religious rights bill

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the Senate vote held on the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act:

The assault on religious liberty lost as the Senate failed to achieve the 60 votes necessary to advance this bill. While the outcome is welcome, the fact that a majority of Senators, almost all Democrats, are still bent on eviscerating the religious liberty rights of Americans is very disturbing. It seems they will stop at nothing to trample on our First Amendment freedoms.

The vote is being widely misreported by the media as a vote on contraception. It was not. The issue is abortion, not contraception. All four of the procedures that plaintiffs for Hobby Lobby cited in their brief involved at least the possibility that a pregnancy might be terminated; prevention and termination are not identical. Moreover, this company does not object to providing contraceptives. Ergo, attempts to override the high court’s decision has nothing to do with contraception.

The lust for abortion is sickening, and the war on religion is equally contemptuous. Outside the Capitol today there were anti-Catholic protesters flagging their signs, “KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OFF MY OVARIES.” The bigots were from Code Pink, the far left-wing band of activists. But we won’t look for Nancy Pelosi to condemn them, even though she loves to tout what a “devout Catholic” she is.

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