Beaverton Religion Forum: Do Ghosts Exist?

By Evergreen Presbyterian,

Beaverton Religion Forum — Do Ghosts Exist?

It’s Halloween time — do ghosts really exist? At this time of year, people dress-up as ghosts and demons, and even believe they exist. But to ghosts and demons really exist? And are they out to get you? What about the ‘Holy Ghost’ (sometimes translated as ‘Holy Spirit’) of the Bible? Pastor Nathan Lewis and Bernie Gehler of the Westside Science & Religion Discussion will explore this question and present their viewpoints on Sunday, October 26.

This can be a friendly event for different groups to meet each other. A place for Christians to get to know atheists; and atheists to get to know Christians. And everyone else is also invited; all belief systems (Muslim, Hindu, etc.). We will show that conversations with people of radically different ideas can be both fun and friendly.

6:00 pm – Pizza Dinner and Conversation
6:30 pm – Presentations by Nathan Lewis and Bernie Dehler
7:30 pm – Audience Q&A

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