State teen conference objectifies women

By Parents Rights In Educationtnconfv
Source of Picture: 2013 Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference, YEPSA (Youth for the Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault) Workshop: “I Say Porn, You Say Porn!” This is taught by youth.

The June, 2014 controversy concerning the University of Oregon’s (U of O) handling of an allegation of rape against three U of O basketball players and the local district attorney’s decision not to prosecute is but another result of our society’s trivialization of sexual mores. In our increasingly “liberated” society, sexual activity of an ever-constantly increasing variety is considered no different than any other physical acts such as eating and drinking. Such a libertine attitude towards sex used to be called debauchery. Now we call it “doing your own thing”. To quote a famous movie line, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto”.

Drunken sexual activity should not be surprising. This trivialization of sex and women in Eugene has been promoted for several years by a group called “Youth for the Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault ( YEPSA ).” Sounds good, right? Who wouldn’t be against sexual assault? YEPSA is a group which promotes itself as a supporter of that lofty cause, yet YEPSA’s credibility in support of this goal is belied by its actions.

YEPSA regularly attends and supports the yearly Oregon Department of Education (ODE) endorsed Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) in Seaside, Oregon. The ASC attracts adolescents as young as twelve years old to a two day no-boundaries sexuality training event. There are virtually no restrictions on the information available to these young children. (This year’s Keynote Speaker was Cory Silverberg, an internationally “celebrated” porn shop founder and sexologist). At the 2013 conference, YEPSA freely showcased to anyone passing by their booth a “collage” pertaining to female genitalia.

As can be seen in the picture, this extremely vile handout is a collage of various drawings depicting females, the word vagina, and female genitalia with a crude statement about feminine physiology. Several things catch your eye. Spaced among the numerous depictions of female genitalia are drawings of three females. The first to catch your eye is of a very young girl riding a tricycle. She appears to be about 5-6 years old. The picture is of total innocence. Now if you are a normal person, the first question that comes to your mind is “Why is a little girl being placed in the middle of such material“? You don’t need a PhD in psychology to think there is something wrong with the person(s) who produced this handout. I certainly wouldn’t want them babysitting my little girl.

Whoever put this collage together may have some strange fixation with little girls and vaginas. It is disturbing and pornographic. According to Oregon Law, the distribution of pornographic material to minors is a felony violation.

Another female face in the collage is of a young adolescent girl with the strange cartoon-like caption that depicts a woman saying, “Don’t believe them when they tell you it smells like rose petals when it’s supposed to smell like ‘PUSSY‘”. This is the reality of the sexual information YEPSA distributed and promoted at the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) to minors. This is nothing short of mental molestation and needs to be stopped.

YEPSA claims its efforts are to end sexual violence, yet their material degrades women and their bodies. Young males who commit sexual violence see women as nothing more than sexual objects to be used for their personal gratification; in effect, women are nothing more than vaginas. YEPSA is promoting the message that women are nothing more than their sexual organs.

The Oregon Department of Education’s support of the ASC makes the distribution of this material possible. Governor John Kitzhaber appointed himself Superintendent of Public Instruction in order to control every aspect of education in Oregon. No matter what he might say, he owns this material.

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