Seahawks faith shared after big win

Seahawks faith shared after big winrusselwilsonprayer
By Oregon Faith Report

The Seattle Seahawks pulled off one of the biggest come-from-behind victories in playoff history to win a Super Bowl spot. At their moment of victory you could see the Seahawks players circle each other, bend a knee and begin praying a prayer of thanks. It was amazing to see one of the defeated Green Bay Packer prayers join in the prayer circle. This all occurred just seconds after the game winning touchdown.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russel Wilson, was part of the prayer circle and soon ushered away by reporters eager to hear his comments on the unexpected victory. Wilson took the moment in the spotlight to share it with his faith.

Russel Wilson said,”The funny thing is I was on the sideline right before we went off that last drive and I told (offensive coordinator Darrell) Bevell, ‘be ready for the check’, for the play that we just ran through the touchdown. I said ‘I’m gonna pull a touchdown and win the game’. And sure enough man. I just believe that God prepared me for these situations. God’s prepared our team too as well. Like I said, I’m honored to be on this team. I’m going to the Super Bowl again.”

Later, Russel Wilson Tweeted, “All my hope is in You Jesus! You are my anchor that is never shaken!”

Another inspiring moment was found in the stands among the fans. A father and son Packers fan were disheartened not just by the stunning loss, but also by the rude taunts from fellow Seahawks fans. At game’s end a caring Seahawks fan took his own Seahawks shirt (classic Super Bowl Sherman jersey) and gave it to the very happy 13 year old son. The father was touched as well and said “The 12’s were really good to us Cheeseheads. God Bless ya Seahawks…go Get another Lombardi!”

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