ISIS hacking Christian websites?

Press Release,

Cristy McNabb announced that the God’s Glory™ Bible Facebook page was likely hacked by an Islamic State group and hijacked to spread computer disabling viruses to the more than 800,000 followers of God’s Glory™ Bible.

“I woke up on February 10 to find that access to our God’s Glory™ Bible Facebook page was completely taken away from me,” said Ms. McNabb, co-founder of publishing house BreakinThru. She immediately notified Facebook and began frantically searching for help to regain control of the site.

But that was only the beginning. “The hijackers kept our name but changed the posts to pornography and sex, then to writing about the Quran, and now some ‘religious’ posts that lead to computer invading viruses,” Ms. McNabb said. “The hackers have maliciously attacked God’s Glory Bible – a King James Version Holy Bible wrapped in the Stars and Stripes – and it isn’t right!”

The God’s Glory™ Bible Facebook page is well known for posting positive and patriotic American photos, quotes and bible verses to inspire followers to do good works for others, to offer encouragement for U.S. Military and their families, and to try to help people have a generally focus on good. The positive messages quickly developed a tremendous Facebook following and it became a target for a hijacking.

On the same day, CNN reported of a similar takeover by a “CyberCaliphate” of a military spouses website and Facebook page. Newsweek was hacked as well as a Maryland TV station that reported a “CyberCaliphate” claimed responsibility.

“We are horrified and dismayed. We want to continue to spread a message of good will, but do not want our followers to infect their computers with viruses by clicking on posts by what is likely an ISIS group,” Ms. McNabb said.

Since the discovery, Ms. McNabb has been on a constant quest to re-take her site. All attempts to illicit a response from Facebook have been in vain and wrestling control of the site from the likely Islamic State group back to the founders of God’s Glory™ Bible seems nearly impossible without help from Facebook. The FBI has been informed of the incident.

Ms. McNabb concluded, “This is like something you read in the paper happening to someone else, but it is happening to us. They won’t keep God’s Glory™ Bible down. We will be back 10 times stronger! Give us your support over at our website:”

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