Oregon Psychic caught in $15M swindle

courtOregon psychics swindle timber heir out of millions
By Oregon Faith News Note;

A mother-daughter team of psychics swindled Ralph Raines Jr., the heir to a Washington County logging company, out of an estimated $15.5 million. The lonely 66-year-old Raines was never married and had no children. He lived for more than a decade believing that a young woman who called herself Mary Marks was his wife and the boy who called him “Daddy” was his son. He thought Rachel Lee was helping him care for his elderly father and manage his timber company. In reality, Rachel Lee was transferring millions of dollars out of Raines’ accounts into her own personal accounts, and Mary Marks was Rachel Lee’s daughter, Porsha Lee. Porsha Lee and Raines were never married, and the boy was the son of Porsha Lee’s sister. The psychics managed to scam Raines by going to elaborate lengths to create a dream state and keep him confused.

Rachel Lee has been sentenced to 100 months in prison. Other family members involved in the scam have also been indicted.

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