Religious Liberty event draws Reagan, North, Walden

oregonlibertyallianceOregon Liberty Alliance Press Release,

The Oregon Liberty Alliance (OLA) is announcing the Freedom Rally that is scheduled for March 14, 2015. The event will run from noon until 3pm, and includes Colonel Oliver North, Michael Reagan, National Right to Life President Carol Tobias and United States Congressman Greg Walden. The event costs $25 per person and children 16-and-under are free. For those who would like to attend, registration is available online at

The focus of the event will be on supporting fiscal responsibility, life, public safety, family values and religious liberties.

The OLA is a coalition of organizations that share a common mission to support Oregon candidates that uphold conservative values and protect our freedoms. A cooperative relationship that has existed for years took on a more formal status in 2014 when the organizers of the Dorchester Conference engaged in efforts to push fiscal and social conservatives out of the way. One of the first actions taken by OLA members was to sponsor a conservative values rally, the same weekend as the annual Dorchester Conference, which was pulled together in 10 short days. The event drew over 800 attendees. The momentum of this rally carried over into the Oregon Primary Election in May where conservative candidates supported by OLA member organizations won in each of four contested races.

The Second Annual Freedom Rally, dedicated to conservative values, will again be held the same weekend as the Dorchester Conference to provide an alternative for Oregon conservatives.

Member organizations include the Oregon Women’s League PAC, Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC, Oregon Right to Life PAC, Taxpayer Defense Project PAC, Common Sense for Oregon PAC, Oregon Family Council and Parent’s Education Association PAC.

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