Four views in gay wedding cake case — including bakery owners

Faith News Note:

1. Here is the 111 page proposed judicial order against Sweetcakes by Melissa owners, Melissa and Aaron Klein, fined $135,000 for not serving a same-sex couple a cake for their wedding. BOLI quote “The facts of this case clearly demonstrate that the Kleins unlawfully discriminated against the Complainants. Under Oregon law, businesses cannot discriminate or refuse service based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot turn customers away because of race, sex, disability, age or religion. “
2. The Oregonian Editorial Board issued an editorial this weekend, “BOLI’s cake crusaders’ proposed judgment in Sweet Cakes discrimination case is excessive”
3. Basic Rights Oregon Article “Discrimination is wrong plain and simple”
4. The Heritage Foundation issued this video of the Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners, Melissa and Aaron Klein.

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