Why your school is a mission feild

logo-oregonministrynetworkBy Brain Eno
Oregon Ministry Network

Ministry flows best out of relationship. This principle is really true when it comes to ministering in your local school. Every school has its own policies and procedures; it’s our job to learn what those are and work within those parameters. While serving in San Diego, the local school had a closed door policy. At times it seemed like the campus was locked down tighter than a bank vault. When I arrived in Central Oregon, I was taken by surprise with the school’s open door policy. Every school was extremely welcoming to me as a pastor, and this was very encouraging.

Whatever your situation is, you must understand that the local school is your mission field. In order to be effective you must learn to work within the current environment. Here are a few School Ministry Strategies that work regardless of your current environment.

– Meet the school administration. Introduce yourself to the Principle, Vise-Principle and Receptionist. Discover their school policies and procedures for being on the campus, then obey each one fully.

– Attend as many extra-curricular activities as posable. Go watch kids play sports, sit through the school plays and concerts. You will raise your students’ value 100% by being present in their world.

– Look for ways to serve the school. Ask school leaders what their needs are, and then meet those needs. Volunteer to serve. As my old youth pastor buddy, Dennis Luce wrote, “If serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you.”

– Work with existing ministries that are already in the school, and teach your kids and youth to do the same. Partner with para-church ministries like Young Life, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Youth for Christ. When we display unity, we display the love of Jesus and fulfill the prayer of Jesus in John 17.

– Equip your students to be effective witnesses on their campus. Use tools like E-Life for kids and Campus Missions for youth. Teach them that each student is responsible to reach other students for Jesus. mpus missionaries helps enable them to accept personal responsibility to reach the lost of their generation. Three-fold purpose is to GROW, GO AND GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY.

– Host school events, such as: Back-Pack Giveaways, Fifth Quarter Outreaches after home games and Teacher Appreciation Banquets.

Let’s keep advancing The Human Right on Oregon school campuses.

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