Rev. Graham blasts media over prayer remark

godisntficingthisRev. Franklin Graham,
Facebook post

The New York Daily News front page touts “God isn’t fixing this” in regards to the San Bernardino mass shooting. And they have the audacity to criticize politicians who had publicly offered prayers and asked for God’s comfort following the killings, calling them “cowards who could truly end gun scourge.” Shame on them!

I hope New Yorkers stop buying that paper! It’s evident that this group is bashing the importance of prayer in order to promote their own gun control agenda. Here’s some “news” for the NY Daily News—prayers are not “meaningless platitudes” as they say on their cover.

Prayer is direct access to Almighty God and is the most powerful tool a Christian has. Prayer does make a difference in heartbreaking situations like this. Don’t knock it!

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