Rev. Graham to visit Oregon Capitol

By Faith News Note,

Beginning next week, the Rev. Franklin Graham will begin a 50-state capitol tour of America calling on people to pray and vote. Rev. Graham says this election could be the most important in American history and is calling the tour the Decision America Tour. Graham also de-registered as a Republican and registered as an Independent voter as a show of neutrality. The first 13 states on the tour have been set with Oregon yet to be determined. Below is the Franklin Graham tour announcement video as well as an interview he did on Fox News.


Franklin Graham Press Release:

Starting in January, Franklin Graham will visit all 50 states, challenging Christians to pray for the country and take a stand for their faith. This urgent mission has been dubbed the Decision America Tour, and you can be part of it.

Visit the Decision America Tour website to see how you can join efforts in your home state.

Tour dates for the first three months of 2016 have been announced. The locations so far are:

Des Moines, Iowa – January 5
Tallahassee, Florida – January 12
Baton Rouge, Louisiana – January 13
Concord, New Hampshire – January 19
Columbia, South Carolina – February 9
Atlanta, Georgia – February 10
Honolulu, Hawaii – February 24
Denver, Colorado – March 15
Santa Fe, New Mexico – March 16
Phoenix, Arizona – March 18
Salt Lake City, Utah – March 29
Carson City, Nevada – March 30
Sacramento, California – March 31

At each stop, Franklin Graham will hold a prayer rally, calling on Americans to boldly live out their faith and help turn the country back to God.

“I think the problem with our nation today is the failure of the Church,” Franklin Graham said. “We have gotten ourselves into a mess as a country,” he added, and said there’s only one source of hope.

“I don’t have hope in the Republican party or the Democratic party. The only hope that I have is in the Church if it would repent of its sins,” he said. “And if we confess our sins individually and then repent, then I believe God … can use us.”

Franklin will ask Christians to pray for the country, vote for people who hold biblical values and run for public office at every level. He will not endorse any candidates in the 2016 race but will preach the Gospel at each rally.

“God hears the prayers of his people, so I’m calling on people of faith in every state to pray fervently for America and our leaders,” Franklin Graham said on his Facebook page. “I want to challenge Christians across our land to boldly live out and promote biblical principles at home, in public and at the ballot box. The only hope for this country is if the people of God are willing to take a stand for truth and righteousness.”

While the country has been racing toward moral decline, Franklin says it isn’t too late to save it.

“We need to go back to where the Church is in the center of this nation,” he said. “And God just might use the Church to turn this country around.”

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