Schools collecting data on student family life, sexuality?

parents-rghts-in-educationBy Parents Rights In Education,

Oregon Health Authority Urges Schools To Amass Data From Students About Their Beliefs And About Their Parents’ Home Behavior

A November 4, 2015 letter from Oregon Health Authority Director, Lynn Saxton strongly recommends that Oregon School Boards give their approval of what some parents would deem an intrusive survey given to their children while at school. All the data will be collected between February 1 – April 8, 2016 from what is called the ‘Student Wellness Survey’ (SWS) ; 6th – 8th grade and 11th grade.

In this survey, children are asked: “How do you identify? Female, Male, Transgender, Other”. They are also asked, “Which best describes you? Heterosexual, Gay or Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Other, Not Sure”.

In the SWS, children are asked specific questions about their parents’ behavior and their experiences with parents who consume beer, wine or alcoholic beverages.

The Oregon Health Authority also wants to know if the parents have ever been separated or divorced, and how many times the student has changed homes since kindergarten.

In this survey, students are asked to diagnose their own mental health and are also asked if someone in the home is/was depressed or mentally ill.

An informational letter about the Student Wellness Survey may be sent home, but if parents/guardians do not opt out their child, Oregon 6th, 8th and 11th grade children will be given this survey by default.

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