British vote ruins End Times Apocalypse

headline-world-disorderBritish Brexit vote to leave ruins everyone’s End Times Apocalypse!
By M. Martin
Oregon writer

Who could ignore the Christian headlines in 1992 when the European Union (EU) was formally created? The unifying of such nations in Europe was surely the  sign of the new One World government they saw forecasted in Revelation and the Beast wearing many crowns. Then in 1999 came the European Union single currency which surely was the beginning signs of the Anti-Christ’s Mark of the Beast 666 by controlling people’s money.   Instead of a “New World Order” promised in the 1990’s, we know have as my newspaper declared, “New World Disorder” after the British Brexit vote.  Instead of a EU powerhouse, Europe has been a lackluster economic family.  Now the whole thing looks like a dud.

Of course it does not matter because End Times theologians are spinning the British Brexit vote as a sign of disorder which will result in calls for a New World Order ushered in by the Anti-Christ savior to fix everything. So it is official. When times are good (like European unity) it is a sign of the End Times and when times are bad (like European disunity) it is a sign of the End Times.

Let’s not forget that when there is a war, End Time prophets declare this is the end because it fulfills a time when there is “wars, and rumors of wars” in Matthew 24:6. When there is time for peace, this too is the end because they repeat “The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, when everything is peaceful and secure, then disaster will fall on them” in 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

So no matter what happens it is a win-win for End Times booksellers. These false profiteers have a 125-year track record of getting it wrong. Yet it cost us so much money and wasted time and effort.

It’s a shame that we take normal events and try to demonize them. The European Union’s call for unity in trade and currency is not much different than America’s unifying their currency among the states and trade among North America. As with everything governmental, over time the EU has over-extended its authority and become a bureaucratic blob — which is why Britain voted to leave. To me, the EU is neither 100% evil nor 100% good. It’s complicated.

If you want to study the end, just read the many examples of “ends” experienced by empires and nations highlighted in the Bible. Much of the entire Bible is devoted to the warnings before the destruction of the first Jewish temple. Apply these lessons to nations, cultures and everyday life, instead of doing it in reverse by applying news events to fit one’s choice verses that you may have taken out of context.

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