NW charity calls for Louisiana help

louisian-helpBy Forward Edge International,
Vancouver based ministry

As you’re likely aware, record flooding has devastated Baton Rouge. Since our last update just a few days ago, 10,000 more people have been displaced bringing the total to 30,000. The flooding is now officially the worst natural disaster to hit the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy.

The governor of Louisiana had this to say about the flooding: “When you have a storm that is unnamed – it wasn’t a tropical storm, it wasn’t a hurricane – a lot of times people underestimate the impact that it would have…. But this is historic. We are seeing unprecedented flood levels as the waters move south.”

Many local stores are running out of food and many people aren’t sure when they will receive new shipments. One woman displaced by the flood said: “There isn’t bread for miles!”

The damage is far reaching. Here is what we know so far:

– 70,000 people have applied for federal assistance (which maxes out at only $33,000 per claim).
– 40,000 homes have been damaged.
– 12,000 people are living in shelters.
– 13 people have perished.
– Over $30 million needed to rebuild.

The people of Baton Rouge desperately need your support today. Our long history of disaster-response work, especially in the Gulf Coast, will allow us to assist our friends in need as soon as possible. Will you generously give to begin rebuilding homes and lives in Louisiana?

Thank you for considering this urgent request. DONATE HERE

In His name,
Joseph Anfuso
Founder and President

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