Hebrew professor to show Dead Sea Scroll finding Oct 10

from Multnomah University

Dr. Karl Kutz, a Multnomah University professor, and a number of his students will present their recently published research on several Dead Sea Scrolls fragments at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 10, at Multnomah University. In addition, the Museum of the Bible from Washington, D.C. will bring the fragments themselves for an exhibit in the university’s upper library.

Research on these Dead Sea Scrolls fragments has been ongoing at MU since 2014 as part of the Scholars Initiative program, a research arm of the Museum of the Bible. The Scholars Initiative provides opportunities for students to work closely with mentor-scholars in research of ancient texts provided by the Museum Collection, one of the largest private collections of biblical texts and artifacts in the world.

Multnomah University was one of the first schools in the Pacific Northwest to participate in this program. “It is an amazing opportunity to work with such important documents,” says Kutz. “The Dead Sea Scrolls have transformed the field of biblical studies.” In conjunction with this research, a number of MU students have also been selected each year to participate in a two-week study abroad at the University of Oxford.

The Oct. 10 presentation will include research methods and findings, a short background on the Dead Sea Scrolls, information about other Museum of the Bible projects and student testimonials. “One of the most significant aspects of this program is the students’ experience, their excitement and what they learned in the process,” says Kutz.

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