100 students apologize for bullying

The Protectors,
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More than 100 Students Apologize for Bullying in January Alone

At the end of The Protectors freedom-from-bullying presentation, we give students the opportunity to give the gift of Vitamin A: an apology. More than 100 students apologized for bullying last month alone. Three of those apologizes were given to teachers.

The first apology usually takes the longest since it takes a lot of courage and humility to stand up, face your target, and ask for forgiveness. But after the first one, a floodgate of goodwill pours open, and a wave of forgiveness sweeps across the gym.

Recently, that first responder was Jeremiah [on the right]. He walked across the gym to apologize face-to-face to his younger brother. They embraced. Applause erupted. Teachers teared up. On that day alone, more than 30 students apologized for bullying and related behavior. Lives were forever changed.

I was glad to witness this forgiveness between two brothers since studies show that bullying from an intimate is twice has harmful to a target than from a non-family member. Some of you can relate to this fact, I’m sure.

“How did that feel?” I asked Jeremiah afterward.

“It felt great,” he said. “Inspiring others felt great, too.”

Sometimes our kids need to be saved from themselves. They need an opportunity to hit a reset button, and to break old habits and roles. They just need guidance, inspiration, and the opportunity to say “I’m sorry,” and they find this and more through our unique, proven and effective programs for public schools and private Christian schools.

Oh, and Jeremiah’s brother’s name (left)? Justice.

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