Are you connected to Jesus

The One

West Salem Foursquare Church

by Mark Burrows


Have you ever pondered a quote that wouldn’t go away? Recently I had that experience with the quote, “We are pre-wired to look for the One.” The Lord brought my attention to Psalm 5:3, “My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You and I will look up.”

With this in mind I thought about a construction concept. At times, a home is pre-wired for future outlets in anticipation of a desired use down the road. The wires are connected to the electrical panel’s source of power (the Father), but nothing happens until the connection is made. Without the final and last connection to the desired application such a computer, phone charger, vacuum cleaner, toaster, hair dryer, etc., nothing happens. The pre-wiring is dormant, non-functional and is waiting to be energized for its original and intended use.

How is your connection to Jesus today?

Are you connected to Jesus?

The Father has pre-wired us and is drawing us to look to the One: Jesus!

Stay connected to Jesus.

Keep looking to Jesus.

Engage Jesus daily in all things.

As we allow these things to be in our hearts and minds, true life, peace and hope explodes in us and through us daily to a world that desperately needs to look up and not down, to look forward and not backward. Be bold in looking and connecting with Jesus daily and you will be amazed in how He loves you and the never-ending hope for today and the future that He provides. Without the connection to Jesus alone that the Father whole heartily provided, we will be like the pre-wired circuit just waiting to be energized for its original and intended purpose. As we look to Jesus today, let’s allow the Father to turn the switch on in us!

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