Dad breaks rules to honor son

Honor Father’s Day with this great dad story.

By M. Martin,
Oregon writer

Awesome dad who stood up for his son against over-zealous political correctness censorship.

A Wake County school forbid the mentioning of the school Valedictorian. It was a policy based for both technical reasons and politically correct reasons as not to award the top person which some see as hurting the feelings of those who did not win.  As a result, the winner, Josh Allmon, could not attend a special breakfast other school districts awarded to their valedictorians.

Josh Allmon’s father, Garry Allmon, took matter sin his own hands and rented a billboard announcing “Congrats Josh Allmon. You will always be our valedictorian. East Wake Class of 2018.” and encouraged all his friends to drive by the billboard. What a proud dad.

His son was interviewed on local TV (CBS-TV 17)as saying,

“It shows how much he loves me, for one, but also it shows he understands how the high achieving students work and wants to get the message across,”

The story even made it on the Today show!  Watch here.

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Happy Father’s Day everyone.   God Bless.

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