Pro-life petition makes ballot, breaks record

We did it! Initiative Petition 1 Qualifies for November Ballot
By Oregon Life United

Oregon state elections officials announced that Initiative Petition 1 (IP 1) has qualified for the statewide ballot in November. If approved by voters the measure will prohibit public funds from being used for non-medically necessary abortions.

More than 10,000 volunteer petition circulators gathered signatures for the initiative. According to Ballotpedia, this marks the first all-volunteer petition drive to qualify for the Oregon ballot in 18 years.

“We did something many people didn’t think was possible,” said Jeff Jimerson, director of Oregon Life United, the primary sponsor of the initiative. “Oregonians can finally vote to stop the funding of elective abortions with our state tax dollars.”

IP 1 was able to qualify for the ballot on the first sample of signatures checked. 94.7% of the 1,000 signatures sampled were deemed valid, representing 130,396 verified signatures. Because the sample was relatively small, officials removed another approximately 10% to account for margin of error and assumed duplicates. This left 117,799 signatures—just enough to qualify on the first pass. 117,578 were needed.

The Secretary of State is expected to assign a ballot measure number no later than August 10th.

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