Portland Archbishop’s letter on Measure 106

Portland Archdiocese Press Release,

A message from archbishop alexander sample

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

With your help, Oregon voters were able to get an important, state-wide citizen initiative on the November ballot. Measure 106 is the Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion measure.

Through the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon taxpayers fund ten abortions every day. It is heartbreaking to know that our public taxes are used in a way that not only results in the death of a child in the womb, but also harms women and families.

Catholics have a special responsibility to be involved in political affairs. While the church is non-partisan, we do speak out on matters that impact the good of our neighbors and the larger community. Following the example of Jesus, we reach out especially to assist those who are struggling with life’s difficult burdens and protect those who are vulnerable.

In the case of abortion, the Church understands the difficult choice a woman may face if she has an unplanned pregnancy. Abortion can seem like an easy solution, but ending the life of a newly conceived child is a costly choice. Every child is a precious gift. In addition to killing a child in the womb, abortion causes devastating emotional, spiritual and physical harm to women, children and families.

Our public tax dollars should be used to truly support women and families in need and not to pay for the irreversible and harmful effects of abortion. Oregonians should no longer be forced to pay for elective, late-term and even sex-selective abortions. Please vote Yes on Measure 106.

We know that the majority of Americans oppose using taxpayer money for elective abortions. In fact, thirty-two states and the District of Columbia already prohibit the use of public funds for abortion. Oregon can join them by voting YES on Measure 106.

Voting YES on Measure 106 will not stop all taxpayer money from funding abortions, and it will not prevent women from continuing to choose abortion, but it will limit the use of public money that can be used to pay for abortions. By voting YES on Measure 106, we will let Oregon legislators know we do not want public funds used to pay for elective abortions.

Please vote YES on Measure 106. As Catholics, in good conscience, we have a responsibility to work through the legislative process to reduce and even eliminate abortions whenever possible. Measure 106 gives us that opportunity. Please join me in voting YES on Measure 106. May God bless you and your family.
Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample
Archbishop of Portland in Oregon

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