China’s escalating crack down on Christianity

By M. Martin,
Oregon writer

Things are getting worse for all people of faith in China. First we had the news that China had built large scale re-education camps for Uighur and Kazakh Muslims in the far Western part of China. The BBC reports that hundreds of thousands of Muslims are separated from their families and forced to attend retraining classes. Secondly, we had the news that China began passing new stricter laws on church registration this year which negatively impact all areas of church life. Now we have reports this fall of China’s government closing churches and removing public crosses.

This Christmas season people should be mindful, praying and spreading the word about violations of religious freedom around the world.

Please watch the video below and then pass on the word by emailing, Facebook Liking, Tweeting, Linking or blogging about this vital international problem facing tens of millions of people of faith in China.

A statement from Radio Free Asia this year:

“Speaking during a Religious Freedom Conference at the U.S. State Department on Thursday, Pence warned that religious persecution “is growing in both scope and scale” in China, which has been labeled a “religious freedom violator” in the State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report every year since 1999. “Together with other religious minorities, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians are often under attack,” he said at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, which the State Department described as a gathering of foreign ministers, heads of religious and civil society organizations and survivors of religious discrimination “to combat religious persecution.”


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