Governor signs same-day suicide law

By Oregon Right to Life,

On July 23, Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 579 into law, eliminating the waiting periods for those near death who may desire or have been pressured into accessing physician-assisted suicide.

“By signing this bill, Governor Kate Brown shirked her duty to protect Oregon’s citizens,” says Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Lois Anderson. “Oregon’s ‘Death with Dignity’ law already lacks important safeguards to protect vulnerable Oregonians. Removing one of the only safeguards that does exist is both unnecessary and incredibly ill-advised.”

During the legislative session, dozens of medical professionals signed letters and testified in hearings on the record that this bill is unnecessary and dangerous.

“Our state has a significant elder abuse problem,” says Anderson. “Governor Brown chose to ignore the many highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who testified as to how this bill will further endanger vulnerable Oregonians.”

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