‘I hate quarantine. I hate this. I hate all of it’

Portland Youth for Christ,

Even though we can’t meet face to face right now in this season, we are still reaching out and keeping up with our students. For many, this is a season of isolation. We are called to serve and love on our students as Christ does for us. Some students need someone to pray for them, some need encouragement, some need to vent, and some are wondering where they can find their next meal while schools are closed. But that’s why we are here, to serve, and to share the gospel.

At our last club before Oregon went into “shelter in place,” we had an issue with one of our regular students. She is one of those kids that just drives you nuts. I think everyone who has done ministry with teenagers knows exactly what I am talking about. Her level of disruption was at a whole new level. She was checked out of anything that had to do with school and was lashing out at our Campus Life team. The last time we saw her she yelled at us, “You all suck, and I am never coming back here.” It felt like a hopeless situation. Who knew God could use a global pandemic to later restore this relationship?

After a few weeks of regularly posting encouragement on our social media, we get a message from this student. “I hate quarantine. I hate this. I hate all of it.”

After very clearly telling our team she wanted nothing to do with us, this student reached out in a small way. After chatting a bit, she shared that her home life sucked, and school was the one place she could get a way. She was already struggling with her classes and was terrified that with moving to online distance learning, she was going to fail them. We met her with encouragement, with hope, and offered tutoring help. Her response? “Thank you for always supporting and understanding. You always are nice to me even when I am not.” You see, schools may be canceled, but love isn’t. The Gospel isn’t. This student is now attending virtual club and engaging with local youth pastors and believers who are sharing the light of Christ with her. A breakthrough I don’t think would have happened otherwise. In this time of uncertainty, take heart my friends. The good news of our Savior is still just as good. Sometimes it takes a little bit of darkness to truly appreciate the light.

Thank you for walking with us as we continue in this ministry.

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