Book: Youth ministries should top being so ‘polite’

Group Publishing Release,

Challenging youth ministries to be more effective in reaching and impacting teenagers, a new book claims youth ministry needs to stop being so “polite.”

The Small-Group Leader’s Quick Guide to (Almost) Everything, a new release from Group Publishing, has been created to help youth ministries move past surface level “politeness” while aiming for transformational discipleship.

Written specifically to equip small-group leaders and volunteers, the book from authors Syler Thomas and Steven Tighe draws from real-life experiences while providing practical ideas in a bite-size format.

“If the best we can hope for is ‘polite’ youth ministry, then honestly, what’s the point? Jesus is calling us to join him in making disciples, not polite churchgoers,” write Thomas and Tighe. “The goal of any effective youth ministry is transformational discipleship, and it most often happens in the context of a small group.”

Encouraging ministries to stop going through the motions, the book claims that being an effective small-group leader is not about being cool. Instead, transformational discipleship starts with small-group leaders who love Jesus, care about teenagers, and are willing to build and invest time in a relationship with them.

In addition to information about leading small groups, The Small-Group Leader’s Quick Guide to (Almost) Everything provides insight into other critical topics, including helping hurting teens, maintaining healthy boundaries, and handling tough situations.

Syler Thomas and Steven Tighe are long-time youth ministry professionals who are passionate about sharing their combined experiences. Thomas currently serves as a youth pastor and former columnist for the Youthworker Journal. Tighe has been involved in youth ministry as a volunteer, paid staffer, nonprofit director, and professor.

The Small-Group Leader’s Quick Guide to (Almost) Everything is now available and can be found on,, and at other popular Christian Retailers.

Group Publishing has been serving the local church for more than 46 years. They are an interdenominational organization whose mission is to help people grow in relationship with Jesus and each other.

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