MLK niece reflects on race and the dream today

Alveda King Ministries

August 28, 2020 marked the 57th anniversary of the I HAVE A DREAM speech delivered by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior in front of the Lincoln Memorial here in America in 1963. As we reflect on those tumultuous days of the 1960s, with race wars and street riots, some may wonder what, if anything has changed.

Today, as we remember the life, legend and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, I’d like to revisit the iconic check marked insufficient funds he spoke about. This bounced check represents an injustice in the American Dream; a slight to the dignity of what was then known as the Negro Community.

Throughout America’s history, Americans of African descent have been enslaved in the past, and are sometimes treated as second class citizens in America even today. Heretofore, promises have been made and broken.

Today, if we are to believe the reports from the African American community, most recently by Voices from Blacks associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties, during the RNC Convention, there is light on the horizon. President Donald John Trump has made and kept many promises; including making good the check to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, making good opportunities for paychecks with a rise in jobs for African Americans, and bringing about the return of nonviolent offenders to grateful families and communities.

With his MAGA strategy, President Trump, with promises made and promises kept, and his reminder that we must worship God and not government, has produced great gains on behalf of the African-American community and for all Americans; making good on the American dream for every American.

Now is the time, on this MLK I HAVE A DREAM DAY, to raise our voices in unity. We must decry all violence and injustice.

MLK once said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Breaking news: Jacob Blake should not be shackled. He is a human being. NON VIOLENT protests from athletes should be heard. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. Black man shackled, white man shooting protestors free to go home? Answers please!

Therefore, to fix what is broken:

– Racist Police Brutality must cease.

– Mob and Gang Violence must cease.

– There must be a real and unified war on poverty.

– Abortion and the War on the Womb must cease.

– The fight against religious freedom must cease.

– The fight against the nuclear family must cease.


As MLK also said, “We must learn to live together as brothers,” and I add, as sisters, “or perish together as fools.”

My brothers and sisters, we are one blood, one human race here in America. We have so much to gain. We are not color blind.

We see clearly that skin color denotes ethnicity, not race. As one blood, one race, let us rise up and live. The dream of MLK lives on and will grow into greater reality as we pray and work together.

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