Bible study equips for our post-Christian culture

Priscilla Shirer
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It’s common to hear Christians resolving to read their Bibles more and engage in “deeper study” of the Scriptures when a new year begins. When Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer became captivated by Elijah’s narrative in 2014, she had no idea how much the church would need its message years later, at the dawn of 2021.

In January, LifeWay Christian Resources released Shirer’s latest Bible study, Elijah: Faith and Fire.

“I didn’t know it would be seven years before I’d release the study,” said Shirer. “In hindsight I can clearly see how God has providentially aligned the release of Elijah at this point in history. The church needs this encouragement now more than ever before.”

To reach as many women as possible, LifeWay Women will host the seven-session study online for anyone around the world to join beginning February 16.

“We live in a post-Christian era,” said Shirer. “To choose righteousness, hopefulness and unapologetic faith in Jesus will require a boldness and counter-cultural tenacity like never before. Elijah’s example demonstrates how to persist and prevail in difficult times like these.”

This online experience includes a copy of the Elijah Bible study book or eBook, limited-time access to watch the Elijah teaching videos, an online community, as well as exclusive bonus content from Shirer.

Making this virtual experience the first of its kind, Shirer and her ministry team at Going Beyond will interact and lead participants through the study through a dedicated Instagram account.

“Not only are we in a new year when many Christians want to recommit to Bible reading; we’re also in a season when the church needs to be equipped to respond in truth and love to the cultural moments in which we’re living,” said Becky Loyd, director of LifeWay Women. “And with so many isolated from Christian community, we want to do everything we can to help bring women together as they grow in biblical truth.”

Shirer is praying that each participant will see the thread of God’s sovereignty in their placement in this generation.

“Like Elijah, we have each been commissioned to stand against cultural tides and point people back to the one true God,” she said. “We cannot be politically correct, and we will not be applauded or even appreciated if we do this in the way that Elijah’s example shows. And yet, I am asking God, by His Spirit, to embolden each of us to be a public demonstration of His power and to ignite the private disciplines in our lives that will enable it.”

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