Book retraces archeological footsteps of Christ

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At a time when many people are unable to travel to the Holy Land, author Michael Hesemann brings the Holy Land to readers in a vivid and engaging archaeological tour through Jesus’ life from the Annunciation to the Wedding at Cana to Calvary in his new book, JESUS OF NAZARETH: ARCHAEOLOGISTS RETRACING THE FOOTSTEPS OF CHRIST. Hesemann delivers a true narrative of Jesus’ life in the Holy Land, introducing readers to little-known historical details gathered through ruins of various sites around Jerusalem that connect the dots between the Gospels and the time of Christ.

JESUS OF NAZARETH follows the bestselling archaeological biography, Mary of Nazareth, also written by Hesemann, and sets out again into the Holy Land, but this time, retracing the steps of Christ using the Bible, historical records and archaeological digs, including some very recent ones.

Hesemann studied history and cultural anthropology at the University of Göttingen, Germany. His forty-four books have been published in sixteen languages. He has participated in archaeological excavations in the Holy Land, and has helped to date a number of discoveries and relics, including in Nazareth. He is the author of Mary of Nazareth and coauthor, with Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, of the international bestseller on Pope Benedict XVI, My Brother, the Pope.

JESUS OF NAZARETH walks the streets of Israel in order to put historical, archaeological, geographical and scriptural research on Jesus to the test. Bible in hand, he takes readers on a stunning tour through the places Jesus lived, worked and suffered — Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Jerusalem — to give a concrete and colorful sense of the historical Jesus and the world he knew. Hesemann’s journey in JESUS OF NAZARETH takes readers on a true adventure through little-known discoveries about Jesus’ foster father, Joseph, the Lord’s first miracle at Cana and fascinating details about Herod’s palace and how it connects to those first couple years of Jesus’ life.

“Michael Hesemann has dug deeply — quite literally — in writing this mesmerizing book, which effortlessly combines history, mystery, archaeology, faith, science and adventure in a seamless and often breathtaking fashion,” said Carl E. Olson, editor of Catholic World Report and author of Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? “He brings history alive and shows how deep and ancient and real are the roots of the Christian faith.”

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