Luis Palau Memorial reflections

By Faith News Note,

From Christian Post, “Luis Palau’s family and close friends recalled the renowned evangelist’s focus on Jesus, his seriousness for holiness, his love for all people and his humility during a livestreamed memorial service Saturday afternoon following his death earlier this month. Rich McKinley, the founding pastor of Imago Dei Community in Portland, Oregon, said the evangelist told him that he would use every opportunity given by his cancer to preach about Heaven. He said he knew where he was going: “to be with the Lord in heaven.” McKinley said Palau was given only about three months to live by the doctors when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018, but he lived for three years. In his speech, McKinley said that Palau “had a short account with sin” and was “known for loving and caring for the local church.” “He took holiness seriously, not just as a thing to talk about,” McKinley told the audience.”

Andrew Palau shared (Facebook video here) “Luis had a heart for sharing the Good News with people all over the world. His son, Andrew, spoke on that aspect of his life at his memorial service, “He cared little about anything else… but he loved the Good News and he loved the Gospel… to focus on eternal life and the Good News only led him to an enriched life, not only enriching himself and his family, but enriching everyone around him.”

Kevin Palau shared (Facebook Video here) “Dad loved people so well… he loved us because he was loved. He loved everyone around the world like they were his own family, and he loved his family like we were the whole world.”

You can watch the complete memorial service honoring Luis Palau and his life at

One of Luis Palau’s quotes “I appoint people to Jesus until my last breath, because of my excitement to see Jesus, I cannot help but invite others to join me in Heaven for eternity. Won’t you also invite those that you love to accept the beautiful gift of Heaven, which is the gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord? Do it.”

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