Legal victory for priests’ rights

By Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the new Muppet character:

Why would Disney, the alleged family-friendly entertainment giant, want to encourage kids to reject their sex? And why aren’t the media covering this story?

The Muppet character, Gonzo, has “transitioned” to a girl, Gonzorella. That is why he is wearing a dress to the “royal ball.” He does more than wear a dress—he instructs Miss Piggy and Summer that “doing things a little different can be fun.”

The message to children is: a boy can be a girl, and vice versa. Making this choice, they are told, is not something abnormal, it’s just “a little different.” Moreover, it can be “fun” to reject your sex and pretend that you belong to the opposite sex.

This needs to be called out for what it is: child abuse. Anyone who is even remotely knowledgeable about what sex transitioning entails—the physical and psychological problems that boys and girls experience are multiple—knows how pernicious this process is. Seven in ten of those who transition are girls wanting to be boys, and the extent of their suffering is well documented.

So why is it that, aside from some gay and conservative news sources, this story is being ignored by the most influential newspapers, as well as the broadcast and cable news networks? Is it their insouciance that is driving their passivity? Or cowardice?

The big disappointment is the lack of response from the conservative community (thank God we have some like Candace Owens who will not be intimidated). Genuine conservatives are concerned about the three “M’s,” namely, markets, missiles and morality. In recent years, many have all but given up on the latter “M.” Hence, the advent of Disney poisoning the minds of children.

Anyone who thinks that things can’t get much worse is a fool. If conservatives continue to retreat from controversial social and cultural issues, matters will only deteriorate. This is not about treating everyone with respect—that is not the issue—it is about shielding our children from those who want to sexually engineer them.

Contact Zenia Mucha, senior executive VP and Chief Communications Officer, The Walt Disney Company: [email protected]

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