Video: Couple’s journey of failure, tragedy, amazing generousity

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries
Ministry based in Sandy, Oregon

Behind every ministry there are countless faithful givers who say no to certain earthly treasures in order to say yes to reaching the physically and spiritually needy all over the world.

Warren and Brenda Pfohl are two such faithful givers. They wrote our ministry: “We have loved supporting EPM ministry over the past several years. We wanted to share a video The Jesus Film Project made about us and our journey of generosity. Randy and his books about eternity and generosity shaped and molded us, and we wanted to share it with you.”

This video is touching, especially as they talk about how God has used pain and suffering to help them gain a priceless eternal perspective:

The world’s wisdom is, “Do what you can with your wealth today to build a firm foundation for your future years.” Is there any parent or financial counselor, secular or Christian, who would disagree with that? But Scripture tells us we need a far larger perspective concerning our “future years.”

We tend to be extremely shortsighted, envisioning our future as limited to this life only. God’s Word encourages us to use our present wealth so it will keep yielding dividends forever on His New Earth (Revelation 21–22). In contrast to those who think forty years ahead, we should think forty billion years ahead. We are to plan for the eternal life that began in this world, the fullness of which awaits us after death. Only when we think with that perspective can we, with eyes wide open, choose present actions that will pay off in our eternal futures—and bring us great happiness and purpose now.

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