Biden fails at Prayer Breakfast event

By Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on President Biden’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast:

It’s a good thing that Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t speak first at the National Prayer Breakfast. She would have made President Biden look bad.

She gave a very good speech, ending with a prayer. He personalized his address, offering a mumbling account of his interactions with congressional colleagues, past and present.

Instead of rehashing old war stories, and making silly comments on how “the world is changing,” Biden could have taken the opportunity to address one of our most pressing social problems—the war on the police. He said not a word about the cop-killing spree that has become a national embarrassment. Oh, yes, he mentioned gun violence, but not in reference to police being shot.

This is particularly troubling given that Biden’s next stop today is to meet in New York City with its mayor, Eric Adams. The reason for the meeting is not climate control—it’s the wave of violence that has gripped New York (and other big cities). Among the dead are those who gave their lives to protect New Yorkers.

In the last week alone, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been the site of two funerals for police officers killed in the line of duty. Cop killing is soaring in many cities, crying out for a response from elected officials. Yet the best Biden can do is talk about gun control.

Guns are not responsible for mentally ill ex-cons throwing people into oncoming subway trains, or for “smash and grab” thugs who steal from department stores. They also have nothing to do with violent felons who are back on the street before the police complete their paper work.

The real reason crime is increasing at an alarming rate has everything to do with the leaders of Biden’s party. Democrat-run cities, with George Soros-funded D.A.’s, have sent criminals and cops a message: social justice means less penalties for violent criminals and less interest in the welfare of the police.

Biden blew it. He had a chance to make substantive remarks about real-life issues that the public is facing. Instead, he sounded more like an old man reminiscing about days gone by.

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