Pro-life speaker, Elisha Krauss, coming to Oregon June 4

By Oregon Freedom Rally,

Elisha Krauss is an American journalist, speaker, and Californian radio talk host who has been a nationally known advocate for life and for promoting a “Pro-life. Pro-Woman” message. Krause will be speaking at a major conference this Saturday in Hillsboro called the Oregon Freedom Rally which is sponsored by pro-family groups like Oregon Family Council, Common Sense for Oregon and Advance Liberty (a religious liberty organization)

Krauss made national news when she was confronted by a security guard over wearing a pro-life themed shirt inside a grocery store. Krause has criticized women’s rights organization for purposefully excluding pro-life women.  Krauss replaced Heidi Harris as a co-host with Ben Shapiro and Brian Whitman on the Salem Radio Network/KRLA Morning Answer in April 2013. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Krauss was the Senior Producer for The Sean Hannity Show, a campaign manager and media consultant. Aside from her morning talk show, Krauss is currently working as Outreach Director for Prager University (PragerU).

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Photo: From Steamboat Institute


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