Oregon Right to Life comments on Roe overturned

By Oregon Right to Life,

“It is so ordered.”

I never thought I would see this day, but with the stroke of a pen, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and five others overturned Roe v. Wade. Today is historic and a moment the pro-life movement has worked toward for nearly 50 years.

In Dobbs v. Jackson, the Supreme Court handed down a decision enabling states to regulate abortion policy. This decision allows voters and their elected officials to pass laws that align with their values.

Today is a celebration, but our work in Oregon isn’t over. Oregon’s current law will remain the same–legal elective abortion until the moment of birth and our pro-abortion supermajority is continuing to expand access. As we move forward in this post-Roe America, we urge the pro-life movement to step up.

– Vote pro-life – electing pro-life leadership will allow us to pass life-affirming bills or stop dangerous ones from moving forward
– Get to know your local pregnancy and family support organizations – find an organization near you at ortl.org/care, ask about their needs, and donate your time or resources.
– Engage your community—whether a club, church, or local government. Turn your focus on providing life-affirming support (materially, emotionally, etc.) to women and their babies through their uncertainty.

The world looks to us as we respond to the Dobbs decision. We look at everyone as potential pro-life advocates and choose to treat them as such. You and I know that the driving force of the pro-life movement is love—love for a mother and her unborn child. Let’s show our love by standing alongside families facing unsupported pregnancies.

Because everyone deserves an advocate,

Lois Anderson
Oregon Right to Life

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