Pro-life women punished in USA and UK

By Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights,

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on what recently happened to pro-life women here and abroad:

A woman nurse in Texas has been ordered by President Biden’s Department of Veteran Affairs to assist in performing abortions or she will lose her job. A woman in Birmingham, England has been arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic and may go to prison.

The Texan woman sued the VA in December and the English woman was arrested in December.

The Texan nurse, Stephanie Carter, is a Christian who has been working at the VA for 23 years. She sued after the VA issued its mandate on September 9. Her lawsuit says she “cannot perform, prescribe, or counsel for abortion services because of her sincerely held religious beliefs that unborn babies are created in the image of God and should be protected.”

Even though the VA is supposed to honor requests for a religious exemption, it denied Carter her request. “Once again,” her lawyer said, “the Biden administration seems ignorant of the law, or just doesn’t care.”

The English woman, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, is a Christian who was charged with four counts of breaking the Public Space Protection Order. It prevents people from “influencing,” “advising,” “persuading,” “informing,” “occupying space,” or “expressing opinion” near an abortion facility. She did none of these things. She did not carry signs or placards and she never spoke to anyone. Her crime was to silently pray.

Vaughan-Spruce has been barred from praying outside abortion clinics and could be sentenced to two years behind bars. “My faith is a central part of who I am, so sometimes I’ll stand or walk near an abortion facility and pray about this issue. This is something I’ve done pretty much every week for around the last 20 years of my life,” she said.

These two incidents prove that the pro-abortion forces in the West not only promote violence in the womb, they use the law as a weapon to destroy the free speech and religious liberty rights of pro-life persons. This is demonic.

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