16 questions on heaven

Randy Alcorn, founder of EPM
By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministry

I always enjoy anytime I get to have a conversation with Sean McDowell, who teaches at Biola/Talbot and has a very engaging and helpful YouTube channel on apologetics. Sean and I did another Q&A on Heaven recently, with some different questions and answers..

    • How did your belief in Heaven frame your loss of your wife? (1:00)
    • How do you deal with doubt? (3:31)
    • What gives you hope? (6:02)
    • Is Heaven real? (8:26)
    • How will Heaven be exciting if there’s no risk? (13:25)
    • Are there animals in Heaven? (16:40)
    • How about our pets? (20:15)
    • How can we enjoy Heaven if some of our loved ones are not there? (22:53)
    • Can people sin in Heaven? (26:53)
    • Will there be external temptation? (29:50)
    • Are there sports in Heaven? (34:12)
    • Will we eat and drink in Heaven? (38:00)
    • Will we be able to fly? (41:02)
    • How will our bodies be similar/different in the eternal Heaven? (45:06)
    • How old will we be in Heaven? (48:30)
    • How do eternal rewards work?  (51:12)

Sean kindly mentioned my book The Promise of the New Earth, which combines teaching about Heaven, with beautiful photography. It’s available from our online store and from Amazon.

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