Senator Hansell: 18 ton potato donations to charity

By State Senator Bill Hansell,

SALEM, Ore. – Senator Bill Hansell (R-Athena) expressed his thanks to Oregon’s potato growers, who donated 36,000 pounds of potatoes – or 18 tons – to the annual Capitol Food Drive.

“Oregon’s potato growers play a very important role in Oregon’s agriculture economy. I am so grateful to the farmers who came together to make this significant donation to Oregon’s families in need,” said Hansell.

Oregon potato growers have made a similar sized donation to the annual food drive at Oregon’s Capitol building every year in recent memory. The food drive is an important opportunity each year for legislators and those working in the Capitol to support those experiencing food insecurity – and provides an opportunity for friendly competition as the House and Senate compete for who can secure the most donations.

“This substantial contribution from Oregon’s potato growers speaks to how integral a part of both our economy and our community these farmers are,” said Hansell. “Thank you to those farmers who were willing to donate their potatoes. We are grateful for your contribution to fighting food insecurity in our state.”

Oregon is the fourth highest producing state in the country when it comes to potato production and in 2020, the 2.7 billion pounds of potatoes grown in Oregon resulted in nearly 217 million dollars in value at the farm gate and an estimated $571 million in economic value to the state after packing and processing. More than 7,000 Oregon full time equivalent jobs are the direct or indirect result of Oregon’s potato industry.

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