Maui pets being sent to Oregon for rescue

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation,

When wildfires swept across Maui, officials at the Hawaiian island’s only local Humane Shelter officials sought help from Greater Good Charities and the Oregon Humane Society to relocate more than a hundred pets to Portland, according to Greater Good Charities worked with Southwest Airlines and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to fly pet carriers and other supplies on a donated plane to Portland to help the shelter, pets, and owners who fled the fires that demolished their homes. When it returns, the plane is expected to carry a licensed veterinarian and about 150 dogs and cats for the Oregon Humane Society to quickly put up for adoption, thereby helping both the pets and creating room in the overcrowded Maui shelter.

Various Oregon restaurants donated proceeds from their sales or sales from certain items (like rum drinks) to Maui.

These are examples on how the private sector helps after a disaster, which shows that not every response must be assigned to governmental authorities.  There is much power in what ordinary citizens can do.

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