Brock Purdy’s faith & family are a great Super Bowl story

Randy Alcorn
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Nanci and I watched the Super Bowl together every year since we met in 1969. She loves Jesus, people, dogs, and football. And I think she would enjoy the videos of a strong Christian athlete and his family I’m linking to in this blog.

(No offense intended to fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, a great team and great organization that has its own share of believers. The Purdy story is simply unique in so many ways, and I found the inside glimpses of their family to be rare and refreshing.)

First, though, always beware of Super Bowl halftime shows, which are sometimes immoral and not what Christian families will want themselves or their children to watch. But also, during the game, keep your eyes open for two new “He Gets Us” ads. I know the primary family that is funding these. Believing that many false perceptions of Jesus are out there that turn people away, their goal is to “reintroduce people to the Jesus of the Bible.” If you want to know more about these, see this article.

Now for a remarkable Christian family dimension at the center of the Super Bowl this week. 49er quarterback Brock Purdy has had a storybook beginning to his NFL career. He was the very last player chosen in the NFL draft two years ago, and that player is called “Mr. Irrelevant.” Except Purdy has been anything but irrelevant. He began his NFL rookie season, 2022-23, as the third-string quarterback of the 49ers. After injuries to both quarterbacks ahead of him, Brock took over as starter. Most people’s expectations were very low.  But he ended up winning all five regular-season games he started. He led his team to a division title and an NFC Championship Game appearance, in which he was injured and the 49ers lost.

Purdy continued as the 49ers’ starting quarterback in this year’s 2023 season, where he led them to a repeat division title and then to Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII. Brock led the league in several passing categories. And set the 49er’s all-time single season passing yards record. He also earned a Pro Bowl nomination.

I’ve chosen and linked to a number of videos below, some of them very short, that will give you what I consider to be a really unique and encouraging picture of Brock, his dad and mom, and sister and brother. Even if you’re not a football fan, I believe you will be encouraged by these.

Brock Purdy talks about his faith and coming from behind to win the 2024 NFC championship, 60 seconds:

Brock Purdy talks about confessing sin and following Jesus, 60 seconds:

Purdy on faith and family at a Press Conference, 40 seconds:

Check out the Purdy Family (These are gold; if you love families, you will love these.)

Just two days ago, my friend Jason Romano of Sports Spectrum (a great magazine and podcast) interviewed Brock Purdy’s father Shawn about his son’s incredible journey to the Super Bowl, 30 minutes:

Brock Purdy’s big sister and little brother talk about their parents and their brother starting in the Super Bowl, 7 minutes (the warmth of affection for family here is beautiful):

Brock Purdy’s mom, also interviewed by Jason Romano of Sports Spectrum (17 minutes and delightful):

Brock Purdy interviewed 11 months ago after his amazing first season with the 49ers:

Finally, here’s a classic Ray Comfort (one of the most unconventional and creative Christian leaders I’ve ever known) 20-minute gospel presentation woven together with Brock Purdy’s statements about Jesus. In it he shares the gospel and you get to hear people’s responses to his questions, as he leads them toward Jesus:

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