Book: the amazing history of Multnomah University

By Multnomah University

Portland, Ore., March 1, 2024 – Multnomah University is pleased to announce the release of Compelled by the Love of Christ: The Story and History of Multnomah University, edited by University President, Dr. Jessica Taylor and Provost, Alin Vrancila. This book provides an overview of Multnomah University’s story, guided by its mission to integrate biblical wisdom with academic and professional excellence. Multnomah University’s long history is unveiled through the collective contributions of diverse voices, each shedding light on pivotal moments and challenges throughout the university’s history.

Proceeds from this book will contribute towards the “GO First” scholarship fund to honor founder, Dr. Mitchell, and our current president, Dr. Taylor, the first African American female president in the CCCU. The scholarship will focus on incentivizing students to be courageous and innovative pioneers in their areas of passion.

Compelled by the Love of Christ: The Story and History of Multnomah University is available for purchase through Amazon.

Whether you’re a current student, an alumni, a staff or faculty member, or simply intrigued by our institution’s legacy of faith and learning, this collaborative effort captures Multnomah’s enduring impact and mission-driven commitment to a Christ-centered education in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

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