Oregon Conference Churches Celebrate Spring Baptisms

By By Kaleb Eisele,
NW Adventists,

May 23, 2024 — During the second weekend in March, baptisms were celebrated in several churches across Oregon Conference. In Scio, Oregon, members and friends of Vivid Adventist Church stepped into chilly river water as they readied themselves to baptize four young adults who had long been preparing for their special day.

“Sabbath, March 9, 2024, was a high Sabbath full of joy and blessings,” shared Pochy Montes, Vivid Church pastor. “We had four young adults ready for baptism that afternoon, but then two more jumped into the water! These decisions were largely the fruit of organic friendship and consistent study of the Word. For four of them, this had been a journey of a year.”

“At the end of the Sabbath service that day, we called for a prayer of dedication and one more young man, Gavin, decided to be baptized,” continued Montes. “When we gathered at River Park that afternoon, I was surprised to see a crowd of more than 60 people there for the occasion despite the wind and cold water. I asked two of my leaders to join me in the water because the current was strong. I made another call for anyone who wanted to take a step of faith and Jasmine, the older sister of two of the young men being baptized that day, came running down to the water in her church clothes.”

With laughter, joy and tears, six young adults celebrated the next step in their journey of faith.

Meanwhile, up in Battle Ground, Washington, Rosemary Andrykanus, Meadow Glade Adventist Church pastor, waded into the baptismal tank alongside 13-year-old Arrianna Rapisarda. “Arrianna is one of the friendliest young women you’ll ever meet,” shared Andrykanus as they stood together.

“As I’ve studied with her, Arrianna’s eagerness to learn, the depth of her understanding of God’s Word, her love for Jesus, her love for her family and the deep care she has for her friends became evident as we studied week after week,” Andrykanus continued. “It’s been a joy getting to know her as a person and I’m just really excited for the plans I know God has for her.”

Down in Vancouver, Washington, the church family at Oasis Christian Center celebrated the decisions of six people to give their lives to Jesus. Jose St. Phard and Rachel Swanston, Oasis Christian Center pastors, stood alongside Bernie, Gloria, Michael, Jerry, Austin and Kathy as they prayed over their decisions and the life ahead of each of them.

When each had gone under the water, St. Phard closed with prayer, “The best decision I ever made at the age of 17 was to say yes to You. You’ve completely changed and shifted my life.”

“My prayer now is that You would speak to the heart of the person You are calling into Your eternal family. Show up for them now. Help them say yes and bless their journey. Let the six people who gave their lives to Jesus today show up in this community and transform this world and bless our church,” prayed St. Phard.

No matter location or circumstance, God continues powerful work in every life. Let’s celebrate the many decisions still being made for Jesus.

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