Oregon Right to Life Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Oregon Right to Life Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Mifepristone Case
By Oregon Right to Life press release,

Salem, Ore — The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a case brought by pro-life medical professionals to restore FDA regulations on the chemical abortion drug mifepristone.

In its unanimous June 13 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM) did not have legal standing to sue the FDA over its 2016 and 2021 policy changes reducing regulations on mifepristone.

“We are deeply disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today,” Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson said. “The FDA’s policy changes loosening safeguards for this drug put pregnant women in danger and are lethal to the unborn.”

Though the case brought by the AHM has been dismissed, it’s possible the complaint may still continue in federal court. Three states – Idaho, Kansas, and Missouri – previously intervened in the lawsuit in district court and attempted to do so at the U.S. Supreme Court. They could decide to continue the legal action and attempt to demonstrate that they possess the legal standing that the AHM lacked.

“We urge our pro-life neighbor Idaho, as well as Kansas and Missouri, to proceed with this important litigation,” Anderson said. “Since the FDA is unwilling to stand up against the abortion industry on behalf of women, we must. Pro-life advocates across the country must demand accountability from the FDA and seek protections for women and the unborn.”

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