Concerns over Passion Bible translation

By Randy Alcron

Eternal Perspectives Ministry
(based in Oregon)

Question from a reader:

Some friends are big enthusiasts of The Passion Translation of Scripture. I have heard some concerning things about it. What are your thoughts?

Answer from Eternal Perspective Ministries:

Alisa Childers, an author and speaker Randy appreciates, has this written version of her concerns about The Passion Translation, corresponding with her video. She concludes:

The Word of God is perfect and doesn’t need any embellishments, changes, or added emotional flourish. In the original languages, the Scriptures are exactly what God communicated to us, and our translations should endeavor to convey His words as faithfully and honestly as possible. TPT [The Passion Translation] fails to capture the purity, intended meaning, and tone of the biblical texts, and therefore it should not be called a “translation,” nor should it be used as such.

Alisa links to a series by Holly Pivec. See part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Also, this article looks specifically at a passage in Romans.

This article evaluates a passage in the Psalms.

This video evaluates “Four Biblical Reasons to Reject The Passion Translation.”

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