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Work begins on Christian action-thriller series

December 31, 2010 --

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Two young Christian filmmakers have banded together with a group of film students and families in the San Antonio community to make an action-thriller television pilot that is now in post production. Having started the production in early August, the virtually all-volunteer team recorded the scenes for the film on evenings after work, weekends, and off-days. Now four weeks into post-production editing, the filmmakers announced a campaign to help them raise funds for completing and promoting the project.

Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger Full-Length Trailer 1 from NDFilmmaker on Vimeo.

The film, titled “Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger,” addresses God’s purpose for manly heroism, where men follow the Bible by exercising forgiveness for personal hurts and serve as protectors and defenders of the weak just as Christ defends the lost soul through His sacrifice on the cross.

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Family-Faith Film Review: Gulliver's Travels


Family-Faith Film Review: Gulliver’s Travels
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

Gulliver’s Travels: Mediocre effort attempting to cash in on the elusive comic abilities of Jack Black, who plays a modern riff on the traveler Lemuel Gulliver, hero of Jonathan Swift’s classic 18th-century novel. A lazy mailroom clerk who dreams of becoming a travel writer to impress the editor (Amanda Peet) for whom he has fallen, Gulliver cheats his way to a seaborne assignment, only to find himself transported to Lilliput, a vaguely British island populated by a race of people only 4 inches tall. Although marketed to children and families, director Rob Letterman’s sour, slapped-together project features a flagrantly overplayed gross-out gag and carries a noxiously cynical message: You can plagiarize and lie without penalty and still end up with the girl — and the job — of your dreams. Skewed moral values, graphic scatological humor and some intense action scenes. O — morally offensive. (PG)

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Abortion creates charity division

December 30, 2010 --

Abortion funding creates charity division
By Faith News Round-up

The Catholic Community Services Board has stopped using United Way as a charity partner and accepting funds because the Lane County United Way gives funds to Planned Parenthood. Some Oregon Planned Parenthood locations have begun distributing the abortion pill RU-486. The 2010 funds from the United Way was $71,000 which made up 4% of their budget. Other Catholic organizations such as PeaceHealth and St. Vincent de Paul are expected to also begin refusing United Way funds.

Portland Archdiocese spokesman Bud Bunce told the Eugene Register Guard “If there was going to be no changes made, his recommendation was they (Catholic Community Services) would need to withdraw from United Way. Planned Parenthood is now offering abortion services in Lane County. Abortions are contrary to Catholic moral teachings.”

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Dating: How Nice Attracts Mr. Wrong

December 29, 2010 --

Dating: How Nice Attracts Mr. Wrong
Paul Coughlin,
Oregon author of No More Christian Nice Girls

Have you met Mr. Wrong? He can look deceptively similar to Mr. Right, but behind his smile lurks trouble and heartache. When Christian nice Girls are single and dating, their people-pleasing tendencies can attract Mr. Wrong like sugar attracts flies. You’ll learn in this chapter how to swat him away when he comes buzzing around, as well as dating tips that will help you find Mr. Right.

Doesn’t it seem like Christian Nice Girls would attract Mr. Right? After all, CNGs are mannerly, appear ever-so-gentle and compliant, and smile until it hurts. Surely those qualities would attract a decent guy. Some CNGs do end up with Mr. Right—glory hallelujah!—but often, that’s not what happens. Like the smell of blood for a shark, a CNG’s passivity and inability to say no are powerfully attractive to Mr. Wrong. He’s a “user.” He may not be using illegal substances, but he definitely uses women to meet his own needs—for self-importance, money, sex, reputation, power, etc. And like a shark, he doesn’t care who gets hurt when it’s feeding time. He knows, from years of experience, that CNGs are easy prey who won’t fight back, stand up for themselves, or maintain healthy boundaries.

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Does America have a Divine purpose?

December 28, 2010 --

Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM interviews Dr. Matthew: Spaling with The Heritage Foundation discusses concept of “American Exceptionalism,” what it means, what it doesn’t mean and why it matters.

Georgene: Let’s talk about what is “American Exceptionalism”? Does it require that we are genetically predisposed to be a better people than the rest of the world or does it point rather to the principles that outline this great republic?

Matthew: The argument of the claim of America, and this goes back to its founding, the founders speak in these terms, is that at the time of it’s founding in 1776, it was understood that it was different, we were doing something unique, we were finding a new nation based on certain principles, all men are created equal, as a result, it had a different meaning in the world, the nation was fundamentally grounded in principles. Historically, that is very different from the previous nations…there is something particular about this nation, how it was founded, how it was organized, how it’s constitution operates, the principles to which it is dedicated….The question then, behind this debate over American Exceptionalism, it’s used rhetorically as a campaign issue, behind there is a very serious question, which is at the core of everything going on right now, “What does America mean?” When we say it’s “Exceptional”, it’s not because we’re claiming it we have something that no one else has or somehow we’re better than everyone else, but it’s really directed toward ourselves, “What do we believe that we mean?”

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Study finds missing link between church and happiness

December 27, 2010 --

Friends May Be Key to Churchgoers’ Happiness
By HealthDay News

— Regular churchgoers may lead more satisfying lives than stay-at-home folks because they create a network of close friends who provide important support, a new study suggests. Conducted at the University of Wisconsin, the researchers found that 28 percent of people who attend church weekly say they are “extremely satisfied” with life as opposed to only 20 percent who never attend services. But the satisfaction comes from participating in a religious congregation along with close friends, rather than a spiritual experience, the study found.

Regular churchgoers who have no close friends in their congregations are no more likely to be very satisfied with their lives than those who never attend church, according to the research.  Study co-author Chaeyoon Lim said it’s long been recognized that churchgoers report more satisfaction with their lives. But, “scholars have been debating the reason,” he said.

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Pat Robertson hints at decriminalizing marijuana (Video)

December 26, 2010 --

Pat Robertson hints at decriminalizing marijuana

Here is the video from CNN which shows Pat Robertson talking about decriminalizing marijuana for those that poses just a few ounces and are first time offenders. Robertson states that the inflexibility of judges to deal with pot convictions means long sentences for young offenders when that might not be the best option. Pat Robertson’s marijuana statement has started a debate and stirred controversy over the pot sentencing issue. [Oregon Faith News Note]

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Charlie Brown, Linus explain what Christmas is all about

December 25, 2010 --

Charlie Brown, Linus explain what Christmas is all about
— A classic moment in television is when the kids cartoon Peanuts Christmas Special gives a honest answer to what Christmas is all about. Linus says it all in just a few words. Enjoy the video below.

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Why the Christmas Wars are receding

December 24, 2010 --

New research shows why increasing pluralism may spell end of so-called ‘war on Christmas’
By Robert P. Jones,
Public Religion Research Institute,

New research suggests that the end of the so-called “Christmas wars”—battles over how exclusively Christian public greetings or holiday displays should be—may come from a surprising place: Aunt Susan.  The “Christmas wars” seem this year to have been limited to a few smoldering skirmishes. The flagging enthusiasm for a 2010 holiday fight at least in part stems from worries about gifts and tight budgets, and a weariness with political divisiveness in the wake of one of the most divisive and negative campaign seasons in recent memory.

But it also reflects a more enduring trend: the increasing diversity of American families and social networks. In their recent book American Grace, researchers Robert Putnam and David Campbell have recently described the effects of these trends as the “Aunt Susan” and “my friend Al” principles: as more Americans have diverse families and friendships, they have warmer views of other religious traditions.

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Family-Faith Review: Little Fockers


Family-Faith Review: Little Fockers
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

Dull, tasteless comedy — the second spawn of 2000’s amusing “Meet the Parents” — dominated by relatively raunchy and poorly staged gags centering on Gaylord and Pam Focker (Ben Stiller and Teri Polo), their 5-year-old twins (Colin Baiocchi and Daisy Tahan) and Pam’s meddlesome father (Robert De Niro). Director Paul Weitz strings together a lowest-common-denominator collection of infantile set pieces. Frequent sexual banter, including references to sex toys, condoms and masturbation; some sexual situations and profanity; much crude and crass language; toilet humor; and a bruising fistfight. L — limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling. (PG-13) 2010

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