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Bill expands list of occupations now required to report child abuse

February 29, 2012 --

Bill will protect kids by expanding list of mandatory reporters
— HB 4016 adds to the list of persons who are required to report child abuse
By Senate Majority Office,

The Oregon Senate approved legislation that will help protect children from abuse by expanding the list of people who are required to report child abuse, commonly known as “mandatory reporters.” House Bill 4016 will help protect children attending extracurricular activities hosted at universities and colleges, sports organizations, and other youth-based organizations.

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Evaluating Movies in Light of Scripture

February 28, 2012 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries
Sandy, Oregon
On my Facebook page, someone asked: “Randy, you often mention that you and Nanci have been to a movie. I’m curious about what kind and rating of movies you attend. I’m interested in how you regard the type of movie (violence, sexual overtones, etc.). Should Christians knowingly attend such films? This of course also applies to TV programs.”

Good movies are hard to find. I know, we’re supposed to pretend that movies have no influence on us, or our children. That way we can be cool and go with the popular drift of culture and prove that not all Christians are uptight and moralistic.

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NH Court Ruling: Homeschooler forced into public school

February 27, 2012 --

Georgene Rice interviews Joseph Infranco with the Alliance Defense Fund to discuss greater implications of a recent New Hampshire Supreme Court Ruling that forced a home school student into a government run school against her mother’s wishes. The court made clear it was not addressing larger religious liberty or home school issues, but rather on the narrow facts of the case.

Georgene: First, please briefly refresh us on the details of the case.

Joseph: The case arose from a dispute of a divorced mother and father who did not agree on how their 10-yr-old daughter should be taught. The mother was the main, custodial parent. She is a Christian and was homeschooling the girl and raising her in a strong Christian atmosphere. The daughter was excelling academically and socially. The father wanted her to be exposed to more socialization in the public school; however, the courts went way past socialization and into religious freedom. Here’s one quote to give you a flavor for it. The trial judge said that “Amanda’s vigorous defense of her religious beliefs to the counselor would strongly suggest that since she spends the majority of her time with her mother she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider adopting any other religious point of view”.

Georgene: By the Supreme Court sidestepping this part of the lower court’s ruling does that affirm the lower court’s ruling and suggest that this is an appropriate or legal way to approach the subject? Where does the Supreme Court’s ruling leave that most thorny part of the trial court’s decision?

Joseph: In its ruling, the trial court judge said this had nothing to do with religion or homeschooling and the Supreme Court gave him the benefit of the doubt. It was good that we were in the case. Our attorney raised the right questions, putting the lower court decision on a different footing. The Supreme Court could say it had nothing to do with those religious issues. Subsequently, the good news is that the Supreme Court decision strongly established that parents’ have a fundamental right to make educational choices, such as homeschooling, for their children. The court emphasized that courts can settle disputes, but they cannot order a child into a government run school on the basis of religious considerations. The Supreme Court at least got these important issues right. But, the underlying case is still very disturbing.

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When a religious leader falls

February 26, 2012 --

Bishop Zavala’s Fall: On Accountability Before and After Hitting the Bottom
By Kelly Clark
Portland writer
The Gospel of Bill W. Blog

Interested readers might want to ponder this link before reading this post for this week. It has to do with Catholic Bishop Gabino Zavala, who recently resigned after admitting that he had been living a double life, has long been unfaithful to his vows as a priest, and is indeed the father of two teenage children. The article does a good job of trying to make some sense of an otherwise senseless situation. I aim to do the same thing about the senseless life of active addiction and the purposeful life of recovery.

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Another true-life faith film gets released: Deep in the Heart

February 25, 2012 --

‘Deep in the Heart’ Movie Inspires Life Changes Through Faith, Family and Redemption

TWENTY 8 ENTERTAINMENT proudly announces the opening of “Deep in the Heart,” the inspirational true story of Texas native Richard Wallrath, that proves faith brings second chances. Shot in and around Austin, the independent movie opened in theaters Texas-wide on February 17, 2012. A complete list of participating theaters can be found at

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Christian Schooling Fair, March 2nd, Oregon City


2012 Christian Schooling Fair
Friday March 2nd
4pm to 10pm

A free open house with exhibits of various options for Christian education, including private Christian Schools, home schools, and online schools.

Hosted By Oregon City Evangelical Church
1024 Linn Avenue, Oregon City, OR

Broadcasting LIVE At the Fair! The Georgene Rice Show, KPDQ 4-6 P.M.

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Beaverton driver shares miracle story

February 24, 2012 --

From the book “Our Stories, God’s Glory
A collection of real life inspiration stories from Oregonians
How about your story?
Be a part of 1,000 Oregonians sharing their faith story here.

One hot summer day, when my high school buddy and I went for a drive, I stopped my car at an intersection of two country roads in Kansas.

All of a sudden, an approaching truck charged across the intersection and headed straight towards my car. I just sat there, shocked and paralyzed, unable to react!

The next thing I knew, I was standing in the road beside the rear end of my car.

In unbelief, I stared at the truck. It had totally crushed the left side of my car, where I’d been sitting in the driver’s seat.

When I could finally move, I rushed to the passenger’s side of my car to check on my friend. I found him pinned between the dashboard and his seat. Although he was badly shaken, he seemed to be unharmed.

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Ashland man from Iran convicted of charity fraud

February 23, 2012 --

By Guest Opinion,

Pete Seda, a former peace activist from Ashland, Ore., is about to go to jail. Seda has been convicted of using his charitable foundation to smuggle $150,000 out of the country to Saudi Arabia and then covering it up with a false tax return. He is due to serve 33 months in the prison outside Sheridan, Ore., a town northwest of Salem.

However, before that term begins, Seda is appealing to the 9th Circuit Court. He has requested that the court allow him to remain free on bail while his appeal is working through the system. But whether that will happen—and whether the 33-month sentence will happen—has been rendered uncertain by two factors. First, prosecutors consider Seda a flight risk. And second, he may have been convicted with illegally acquired or unsound evidence.

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Oregon Medical Marijuana: Haven for other states & what's the next step

February 22, 2012 --

Oregon Medical Marijuana: Haven for other states
By Oregon Faith News Note:

The Oregonian ran a fascinating front page article about Oregon attracting out of state people who come to Oregon to get their medical marijuana cards. Records show that over 500 people from other states have registered Oregon medical marijuana cards. By comparison, there are 72,000 Oregon residents with medical pot cards. Oregon allows them to use marijuana while they are within state lines –despite what their home state laws are.

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Ministry to host gender conference

February 21, 2012 --

The Institute for the Theology of Culture:
New Wine, New Wineskins
Oregon ministry

Gender conference
What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Does it even matter? How do these questions bear upon topics such as how we work together in society at large and the church in ways that affirm and promote us in all that God has created us to be? It is so important to seek clarity with civility in pursuit of biblical unity, diversity, and honor in a culture where our beauty as God’s human creation is so often endangered by physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. We will approach gender identity from a variety of angles in a biblically integrated and in a culturally meaningful manner.

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