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Oregon hosts 40 ‘National Prayer Day’ events

April 30, 2013 --

national-day-fo-prayerFind your nearest National Prayer Day event on Thursday May 2nd in Oregon as they are listed by city in alphabetical order.

Any Town , OR
24 Hour Webcast for National Day of Prayer
Missionaries Of Prayer will host its National Day of Prayer 24 Hour Webcast starting at 12:01AM on May 2nd on the Internet. This event will feature various churches and Christian ministries around the United States streaming their events live. The event gives the opportunity for shut ins, the disabled, the elderly, missionaries or those working abroad to be a part of the National Day of Prayer events. If you would like your event featured on the webcast, please contact us. Otherwise visit our website anytime on NDP to watch the broadcast. Call 561 459-5257 for more information.
TIME: 12: 01 AM – 11:59 PM

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Clergy blocked from helping Boston bomb victims


pryrbstnBoston religion writer, Jennifer Graham wrote this for Wall Street Journal:

The heart-wrenching photographs taken in the moments after the Boston Marathon bombings show the blue-and-yellow jackets of volunteers, police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, even a three-foot-high blue M&M. Conspicuously absent are any clerical collars or images of pastoral care.

This was not for lack of proximity. Close to the bombing site are Trinity Episcopal Church, Old South Church and St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine, all on Boylston Street. When the priests at St. Clement’s, three blocks away, heard the explosions, they gathered sacramental oils and hurried to the scene in hopes of anointing the injured and, if necessary, administering last rites, the final of seven Catholic sacraments. But the priests, who belong to the order Oblates of the Virgin Mary, weren’t allowed at the scene.

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NW florists sued over same-sex wedding order

April 29, 2013 --

NW florists sued over same-sex wedding order
By Faith News Note,

A Florists shop named Arnie’s flowers in Richland Washington is facing a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union for denying a gay couple their order for flowers for their same-sex wedding. Watch the KGW-8 video clip below.

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Broadway play on Mary disappoints

April 28, 2013 --

Catholic-League-AmericanTestament of Mary_Jacket
By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on The Testament of Mary:

Colm Toibin’s book, The Testament of Mary, is now the subject of a Broadway play; it opens at the Walter Kerr Theatre. There is no question that Toibin is a gifted writer, but it is not easy to see who is going to be drawn to this play, even if it runs for only 12 weeks. His novella was not written to endear himself to Christians—he posits that Mary does not believe her son was the Son of God—though in fairness there is nothing vicious about his work.

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Oregon’s top choirs compete at George Fox

April 27, 2013 --

More than 60 groups are expected to vie for OSAA titles at all classification levels

By George Fox University

Sixty-four choirs featuring the talents of more than 1,000 high school students will visit the George Fox University campus to compete in the Oregon School Activities Association’s 27th annual state choir championships Thursday through Saturday, May 9-11.

The event, scheduled in Bauman Auditorium, will feature schools at all classification levels. Class 2A/1A and Class 3A choirs will compete on Thursday, May 9; Class 6A students will compete on Friday, May 10; and Class 4A and 5A choirs will convene on Saturday, May 11. Specific choir performance times are available on the OSAA website at

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Hispanic pastor makes Time’s 100 most influential

April 26, 2013 --

chccTime Magazine Press Release,

Rev. Wilfredo De Jesús, better known as “Pastor Choco,” has been selected for the 2013 TIME 100, the magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The full list and related tributes appear in the April 29 issue of TIME, available on newsstands and tablets Friday, April 19, and now available at

“I am honored to be named to TIME’s 100.  It’s a great privilege to be a voice not only for the Latino Christian community, but also for the poor and voiceless in our society,” De Jesús said. “The Hispanic community in the U.S. is over 51 million strong. We’re people God has chosen to govern and to lead communities and cities with conviction, unapologetically. There are many great leaders in this community, and I am truly humbled by this recognition.”

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Local book “Secret Life of a Fool” spurs testimony mail

April 25, 2013 --
image: Celebrating the first anniversary of Andrew's debut book with some amazing stories of God's redemption.

By Andrew Palau,
Luis Palau Minstries
Beaverton, OregonJust over a year ago, The Secret Life of a Fool, Andrew Palau’s gripping testimony, was released. In this short time, we’ve been so blessed to hear so many stories of how this book has touched lives with the compelling, redeeming love of Christ. Here are just a few:


My name is Clara. I’m 26 years old, and even though I grew up in church I never really applied it to my life. I had no fear of the Lord and did whatever I wanted. I eventually fell into the trap of the enemy and became addicted to the party life. I did go to church and believed I was a Christian, but my weekends were spent getting drunk and partying. Eventually I began to use cocaine. I felt it was harder and harder to walk away from all that. I began to feel convicted, but my desire to do drugs was always stronger. I didn’t believe I would ever get in trouble with the law or even lose my life for living so recklessly.

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America’s “religious courts” go unnoticed

April 24, 2013 --

Across the United States, religious courts operate on a routine, everyday basis. The Roman Catholic Church alone has nearly 200 diocesan tribunals that handle a variety of cases, including an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 marriage annulments each year.1 In addition, many Orthodox Jews use rabbinical courts to obtain religious divorces, resolve business conflicts and settle other disputes with fellow Jews. Similarly, many Muslims appeal to Islamic clerics to resolve marital disputes and other disagreements with fellow Muslims.

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Petition starts to help Gresham gay principal

April 23, 2013 --

A Gresham school principal is set to lose his job in just a few weeks.   Students have begun a petition to retain him.   Watch teh KATU-2 news clip below.


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Faith response to Earth Day

April 22, 2013 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon
Author of Heaven

We’re continuing our blog series called The Least of These, based on George Verwer’s excellent article “Seven People Lying on the Side of the Road: Will you be a good Samaritan?”. George may have surprised some by including the environment in his list as an area that we as Christians need to be concerned about and take initiative in caring for. But I’m very glad he did. I agree with what Geroge says:

It is a shame that so many evangelical Christians not only have little concern for the environment, but are sometimes known as anti-environmental. How can this be when our Creator God has asked us to care for his creation? Not only is our pollution of the earth totally unacceptable, but this is an issue that our young people care about; and if we don’t connect with them on valid issues such as preservation of the environment, how can we expect them to listen to us at all?

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